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well... too bad i died trying to drink... would have been nice to be able to drink that sweet... sweet water. well in any fashion i had a ton of fun playing this game and my chat and me loved it. this is a reaction compilation and is really short. like only 2 minutes long. so make sure check it out love yall!!

Got a few scares, well made!

Loved the game, did a stream and uploaded an edited youtubevideo about it! Would love to see a part 2

3:06 My dumbass didn't notice him, I payed attention to the trippy as floor

i played this game on 10:18

i enjoyed play this game, this game is so creepy. I like that 




i love pixel horror game !! 

Lots of fun to play, the water filling meter adds suspense and showcases either the great capacity of the glass or the infuriatingly slow pouring speed of the fridge. Either way it was a chilling experience. Loved the graphics/colors. Thanks for creating :)

I overall really enjoyed playing this game! The graphics and atmosphere are nice. I just wished, that it was a bit longer and a bit more would happen. But it’s still a really nice game! Good Job (: 

good game

Eu acabei de tomar um dos sustos mais genuínos da minha vida

For me it turned from being creeped out to funny because the stalker ended up getting stuck. Simple and charming game.

Okay the dude freaked me out and the scare where he went behind the kitchen counter really got me! atmosphere and style of the game was really good. 

Cool but short. 3/5


actually really enjoyed this, great atmosphere, and super creepy 

All I wanted was a harmless glass of water hahaha now this is something that ill have to think twice about before getting outta bed! The creepy atmosphere was definitely on point. Every time I had to rush to turn something off, my panic meter was filling ever so quickly! I only wish there were more 'in your face' type of spooks. But a chilling experience nonetheless!

Great Work!

Hey, I played your game in a 3 scary games video and loved this one! The last jumpscare got me!

The audio totally got me! Love the spooks via good audio. Thanks for the game!

Some High Quality H2O - Dying of Thirst 



It was a great interesting horror game but why is this kid going through all that for water. it was a fun great short horror game

It was a short but interesting game and I definitely enjoyed it 

seems like dad was a bit upset when he heard us up

buenardo el juego, me encanto :D

Man I just wanted some water 

Great Game for sure... Mans just was thirsty... once the game ended we shared some water and watched my videos!! Seriously though the ambiance, random objects turning on, etc were amazing... 8/10

If he needed water that badly, he could've just asked. 10/10

You know, I think I'll take the dehydration, better odds!

This was really fun! 

When the most familiar and everyday moments are used as a component of horror, it frightens with much more force than some fictional situations. I really liked the game. Looking forward to your next releases!

I will be glad to subscribe to the channel (✿◠‿◠)

Heeey, [FR]

J'ai sorti une vidéo sur YouTube pour ce super jeu très intéressant ! J'espère que ça vous plaira et va vous convaincre de télécharger le jeu :)

great game, loved the way it made you feel like something was definitely something wrong (which there always is lol). it honestly scared me, keep up the great work 

Made a youtube vid to this game and I gotta say GREAT JOB DEVELOPER, KEEP GOING!!!

short but sweet, a great game, I made a youtube short summarsing the game. 

If you enjoy subscribe and like!

his neck tho lol...

I really liked this game because it plays on something that happens to everyone which is getting water in the middle of the night. the whole game makes you feel uneasy all the way to the ending. great game keep up the good work!! 

Decent and short game  I finished it and recorded it: DYING OF THIRST is CREEPY! (Reaction Video)

the sound effects were spot on, and I had a blast!

Short but not bad. Tbh it is definitely less trouble getting a glass of water during night hours in real life then in this game that is for certain Lol. Made a video on it.

Short horror games with effective sound design and ambience, it was a cool experience and definitely worth the time. Thank you for making this1 2nd game.

I had a lot of fun playing this! I was so on edge everytime I had to fill the cup lol good game! 

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