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a pretty fun game!

This was a fun and tense little game. Super relatable to be honest. :P Here is my playthrough if you're interested:

Good game I rate this is as 3/5 stars (minimum)

This is a list of thoughts of your game:

The Good Side:

  • I like the horror theme
  • The story is okay
  • I like the PS1 graphics and the realism

The Bad Side:

  • It's short but I get the point that it just only getting a cup of water
  • I feel like their could be more stuff to interact with
  • I think the textures can be more polished

 I would recommend this for only very short games

Got a little scared once or twice good job! Good job on this game i like the idea! (First game I played)

That was a fun little game! Guy behind the tree was very effective! Great job!

Amazing little short game <3

I love this game a lot!!
The atmosphere was SO good!
That one guy behind the tree that you could see without doing anything was super disturbing (in a good way). And the fact that the character didn't ask anything was SUPER important for the atmosphere and made it even scarier. 
I loved the graphics style aswell!
Super cool idea I wish it was a bit longer! Like an actual game! :)

I liked it a lot!

10/10 = 5 Stars ^-^

Very good game :like:

Very cool short horror game! I like the realistic hand and the red dixie cup. There were a few good moments. I think if you made the monster more grotesque you may get a stronger reaction to it. Thanks for making the game!

It's a nice game! Pretty tense, it has a great atmosphere. I thought the graphics were really cool too!!

This was a good game, but really short. Still liked it tho. 

a good game, with a good atmosphere. But really short. 

Very weird, but had me on edge as every time I filled the cup up a bit I wondered what was going to happen next.

YOOO the jump scare though!

such a great   experience!

this is actually alot of fun please play it

I love water


sale plata? is it free?

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did the monster gone to the oven when i turned off the tv if it did man i should have turned on the oven and i have some  monster flesh tonight

good Game

A fun game but too short. Loved the spookiness.

Interesting game


cant believe i couldnt pet the fish

very fun and scary game. great job!

pretty good overall. didn't overstay its welcome and have to turn your back to fill up the water was a nice mechanic. 

Not bad at all! Had a few moments that genuinely creeped me out. Great work!

Tense and spooky. Recommend headphones!

Thanks so much for making this game, Pizza Party! Short & down to the point, I might´ve found a bug with it but overall it was a clean horror game. The ending was quite surprising, never wake up & go to your kitchen for water, SLEEP on it. Loved your username, I got hungry after finishing my gameplay and did go out for a pizza, thank you!! I love pizza!

Dying of thirst one water demon at a time Don't Drink This Water! - Dying of Thirst - YouTube

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"die of thirst simulator" update lookin fine


Neat little game, good work :)

I love the short game its very creepy aswell love playing more of this games it gave me quite a scare

good atmosphere and creepy visuals and sound, loved it :)

It was a cool and enjoyable premise, short and sweet with the atmosphere and buildup so well done!

Loved this Game! 
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Good atmosphere.

Good game. It's really creep me out. Good job!

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