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Nice short little game I enjoyed it also made it apart of a video I did it's the first game btw

made me jump xDD! 10 outta 10

really enjoyed this one! Great atmosphere & made me feel uneasy! 

Loved it! 

Good Game!


(Game at 5:24)

Short and Sweet!
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relatable game, wished it was longer

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It's small but that's the way I like it.

It is 3 in the AM and auntie is thorsty.

This is creepy, but i'm think it's not ended. You can make it longer, it will be more scary.

I loved the style of the game, it's scary and funny at the same time. I wish it was longer but it's trully good lol. Good Game

I loved the style of the game and the little semi-jumpscares that arent too "over the top". very enjoyable story and kinda wish it was longer. the hand made me laugh for some reason lmao. nice game HPS1

When that long headed monster ran after I turned on the lights, my heart had goosebumps (LITERALLY) cool game, would love to see one but a longer playthrough.

Very good short horror game!

nice game

Great game, i had alot of fun

Awesome game!! Genuinely scared me

Never FINISH your water... - Dying of Thirst


epic game

i almost died of thirst then a guy went to my house and he was scary 10/10

i'm not thirsty anymore. ever. 

Played this a few months back for a horror pack and found it pretty charming. Starts around 23:08 in the video, it was a good addition to the pack :)

Neat concept for a short horror game!

I liked a lot. We feel like we wake up in the midnight to drink water. Scary

The game keeps you in suspense all the time, which is a good thing.

10 poured glasses of water out of 10

:D o
:D thank for this game !

I enjoyed this game a lot,the sound was amazing!!..At some point i actually thought that someone was right behind me and i freaked out😅very good job!

There are two games in this video,so this game starts at 7:55!

very nice game !

Sound was great!

what game engine did thou use?


I apologize for my dumb$ss running around, looking for where the loud noise was coming from. 💀 I edited this video so you didn't have to sit through all of that. I plan on editing more of my videos in the future. 

nice job but is a short game, i want to see more :3

hey wanted to ask why there isnt option botton or settings for graphic or windowed ?

good game it got me lol

just uploaded this game on my channel. I enjoyed this game a lot. Wish it was longer but it was great while it was. A legit fear of mine is someone being outside or something in the middle of the night so this game was freaky lol. Here is my video if interested in watching. (I put the game and your page links in my description)

hi i played your game and i really like it its just a good simple horror game with a stalker. heres thevideo

Had some really good build ups and wish it could have been longer but was cool to play. Well done.

Liked this game GoodJob!


I really liked the game. It was short but still rate a 8/10. Here’s a video I did for this.


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