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Un buen juego corto, lo jugué en mi video mas reciente de tres juegos randoms

i need water

Deleted post

I get some serious nostalgia from this experience. 

First in the line up. A great tight game that really holds out on that jump scare. Good job keep it up.

This was fun to play 

Great little horror game, it's so relatable as it's a child's fear...and some adults too! This is my playthrough of it, please take a look and enjoy :)

This is one of my worst fears! this was a nice short game and it creeped me out!

I was so lost towards the end but I finally rested with my thirst satisfied.
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Great little game i throughly enjoyed it


This game had given me chills down my spine it scared the crap out of me!

Very unsettling. Great job!

Scary little game, I enjoyed it and I really like the art style.. The only thing I would want to add is a run button.

Had so much fun really enjoyed the game! i'm never going to drink water now :O

not even scary lame game make a pt 2 and make it better it has bugs 

I had a blast (re)playing your game on stream and exploring around:

Great game!

Hey friends! I made a quick little short kf this game. Really enjoy the experience and had a good time playing it. 

cool game beat it under 10 minutes

Dying of thirst (fullgameplay)

Anyone Want A Cup of COFAYY?

No seriously, I am craving some COFAYYY

It's amazing!

Just a lit bit of water hahaha

I just wanted some water... 😅

I no longer get up for water at night anymore.  Great game.

Very short very nice. I do not thrust the shadow in the yard. The game starts at 8:55

Short and well made, keep it up!



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amazing game! no cheesy jumpscares, and the atmosphere was spooky

Good Job

me thirsty

Pretty god lil game only wish it was longer 9/10 from me cant wait to see what you do next! ~Wang

W game

I rather die of thirst

it was stressful and suspensful it was kinda cool but i wish there was a jumpscare.

I'm never getting water in the middle of the night again! great game! 

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