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Really cool game loved it!

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

Curtinho, mas muito bom!

The game was pretty simple but cool at the same time.

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random brazilian guy who likes to play horror games (gameplay in portuguese). 

Thanks for the game and opportunity!

this game was AMAZING!!!!

Very creepy for such a short game. I enjoyed it. 

I'm gonna use context clues to tell you what I think the story is. Based on the character's height compared to the light switches, the fridge, and the kitchen counters, I'm gonna say he/she is between the ages of 10 and 12. The character woke up in the dead of night with a RED SOLO cup dying of thirst. The tea kettle started whistling and the TV turned on, with a sweet ass Gamecube right beside it. I think, this kid is a party LEGEND. Got turnt playing Gamecube with a drink in their hand. Went to bed, and the shadow creature made some tea hoping to cure the kid's hangover. All in all, wholesome game

I was scared for my life lol
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a short but an amazing Haunted Ps1 game! We had a lot of fun! Keep it up! 

Jesus Christ, I had goosebumps head to toe. That was such a lovely suspense, amazing experience!!

Great game played it a 6 am scared the crap out of me. Good job on the game!

Never drinking water again !!

Vraiment cool! merci!

The ending caught me off guard- 


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The figure standing outside was pretty creepy. Good job!

MOM! DAD! HURRY! loved the idea and design of the game. I look forward to more games from you. It's the second game in my playthrough of two scary games

Short but great game nonetheless. It honestly spooked me out a bit, especially seeing the figure standing in the darkness. Starts at 32:20 in the video.

Ahoy Brasileiros! Fiz um video rapidinho sobre o game, quem gostar cola la!

I am always remembering to grabs some water before going to bed. Great game


Good Game Pizza Party

love the game played it in my 3 horror games video check it out 

Super short but super good game. Thing freaked me out!

Brings back that childhood fear of deciding whether you really need that drink or not.

Comments below clip.

Am still in the middle of hot summer days [September 2021] and appreciate the thirst for water. The fact that I'm not alone, besides my parents snoring away in their bedroom, makes getting up and down to the fridge to fill up my cup, a mental gauntlet run. There's a subtleness about this game I really like. It's not this 'in your face' horror, but more of a sensory disturbance that gets to you. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, so kudos to all involved. Job well done!

Good Game 

A great short horror game but sounds were amazing.. felt a few chills along my spine too..

This game made me thirsty!

Watch my playthrough!

Enjoyed playing this game on stream. Cool concept and great scare build up. Here's my funny gameplay (PLEASE CHECK OUT)

Nice game but not scary at least for me. Here a Gameplay

this game is so fun really loved it

A cool simple horror game. Essentially a water getting game that has tasks to do between getting water. Very polygonic graphic and the ambience is very reflective of going out to get water in real life with the fears of demons eating you. And the monster is really simple but still makes you feel unease. But the downside is that there's still a stretchy floor near the parent's room and the jumpscares are really predictable. Still a good game to experience, 7.25/10. I also took a look at it: 

I just wanted a glass of water.... :'(. Lol but it was a really great game 10/10 thank you

Very much enjoyed this one! I like the charm it has! I bet the plot twist is it is your dad at the end who caught you out of bed

A neat little ps1 horror game! Really nice :)

cool game, Now Im afraid of drinking water xd

Very creepy game, enjoyed it!

personally i just drink my own spit instead of getting a drink

-Made a Video.

-The Game: 00:06 (The 1st Game)
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