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1000/10 good

What an amazing experience. I always knew I was destined for water. Water is life. 

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Ok so level one was pretty good. Cool idea, well made, but where are the rest of the levels?... 

Level 2 where you have to take a piss really fucking bad but you think you might have heard something in the other room

Level 3 You have to let the dog outside but where could that little shit be...

Level 4 Netflix has asked if you "Are still watching" but your remote is dead and you cant find the batteries


Nice short game. Having to move around the house in dark is spooky irl too and after this reminder of that I will so use lights even if I just want to get that one cup of water real quick.

can u make a website that makes u go in-game no download piz

Really enjoyed this game. Short, sweet and to the point. I like that the game relies on atmosphere rather than jump scares. Good job!

Had fun giving this game a try!  I thought this was a cool idea!

I enjoyed this game very much that I added it to my 3 scary games it's at the beginning of the video I hope you like it :)

This was fun to play, good job to the developers of this game!

great little horror game it really scares me please check out my play through below x 

This game is absolutely fantastic. Quick horror experience that uses the ambiance extremely well. Look forward to seeing what else you have made or will make!

bro this is how it be in real life when i wake up at 3am parched as freak! love the game keep up the good work!

Interesting game, really creepy! 

This is very well done. Super atmospheric and creepy. I loved it!

This was really creepy i enjoyed it a lot! I thought it was going to be one of those not so serious kinda goofy horror games so it caught me off guard! It was a creepy fun little experience and heres my playthrough if you wanna see! It starts at 6:21 

Really fun short game.. the scares are not over the top and you've made a game that is focus on a single task which is really really cool..

I Really Enjoyed This Game Keep It Up You Doing Great :]

This game was actually really interesting. It was relatable since I feel like we all have that feeling when we get up in the middle of the night to get a cup of water. The game gave me a lot of chills every time I heard a noise so good job on the game :). Here is a video if anyone is interested:

Please watch. play,  subscribe. I've been through hell and back  l

amely. Someone hacked my YouTube and in all honestly, this is my passion. That said, your game was great! Please enjoy.

I'm thirsty, I must have a drink. Reaction below.

This game had me on edge and I liked it

i kept just peeking everytime i went to the fridge, and of course found the guy just sitting there, and i was just like "hello, am i in your house? or are you in my backyard? what happened to your neck?" anyway enough blabberin, good short experience

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Lets get a lil too Thirsty :D

YouTuber: Maya, The Bubble E1
(Subscribe today to kept night-time thirst monsters away!)

This game was... something... For real though the anxiety was TROUGH THE ROOF!!! Keep up the good work homie!!!

All I wanted was some water, not to be watched! Love the constant interruptions! 

Very cool game made me feel very uneasy for the entire duration... but I'm a big brave dog after all 


Really enjoyed your game, I was looking for a game to record a video for and this game truly stood out! Thanks for the scares and atmospheric pressure!


Se sintió mucha tensión en el ambiente, tal y como en la vida real, me encantó ,más juegos así porfavor <3 muchas felicidades 


I loved the atmosphere, it is really well made. I really enjoy this game, although a little too short, it has the right amount of scares and suspense.

made me jump.

Let's drink cola together

Nice, short, and most importantly scary! This game gave me a pretty good spook to be honest, the anxiety was definitely there! Good job dev!

This was a great spooky little game! Keep up the good work!!

Game gave me so much anxiety, such a simple game yet so terrifying 

Funny little horror game! Keep it coming and I'd be interested in seeing more! I'd appreciate it if you'd check out my video on it!

I  featured this in my video - 

Please check out my playthrough!!! Very interesting horror game.

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