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Easily was the best game i played in this video. Loved the feet sticking out when the door shut. My only complaint is that my curser disappeared in the middle of the game and i had to restart it. Other than that, it was a great game!

Good work

I liked the minimalist approach to the horror, just building on atmosphere. Great game!

Did a no commentary video on it to illustrate the atmosphere better:

nice game!

Ending was unexpected, everyone is saying that it could lead for a sequel--which I agree. You did well with the audio control. But it was awfully quiet, maybe add some ambience sound next time? Only true complaint is that the jump scare didn't get me as I hoped it would. In the end, it was a good concept, it just needed a bit more. Keep up the hard work! I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

It was a great little game, I didnt expect any of what happened! Keep making more ps1 horror titles.

What a great little game. Love the premise and wish there was more. Love the ending. Made me jump a couple of times. 

nice game. here's my gameplay :D 

nice work

very nice

muy buen juego

Short, creepy horror game! Loved the atmosphere.

Pretty cool game, had a spooky feel to it. Wish it was longer wanted to know where I was being taking lol

Was fun, kinda felt there could be more added or tweaked to increase the creepy/chill feels but overall, enjoyed playing.

Definitely had the suspense/Thriller aspect down. the ending had me like daaaang thats messed up lol. Good Game

You definitely have that creepy factor there, would love there to be two endings!


Even though this games short,its still does the job with the scare factor. I can't really tell but it looked like theres possibly for a sequel. So just to say I loved it. 

Definitely one of the better experiences. do feel the ending was a bit abrupt and that there could of been more to the scares throughout but, a solid start.

Very creepy game, atmosphere is key in games like these & you nailed it! Would be interesting to see where the game could go next after the ending, maybe with some more background lore etc but either way, nice work! Looking forward to the next release 

Scary game with a CREEPY ATOMOSPHERE!

decent game (1st game) :) xx

This game was cool. Brought me back memories of being a mover with my dad lol. It was a good short creepy game. I love PS1 style games too. I recommend trying it out. 

Here is my video if interested in watching.

I made a video on your game (17:51) -



Really great atmosphere for the game, felt on edge the whole time wondering what was going on. 

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Loved the rooftop climbing part, you weren't lazy and just made him disappear.

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This game definitely nails the atmosphere! I wish there were a few more jumpscares, but all-in-all, I guess I never thought about this being something to worry about in a storage unit. Good job! Keep it up, I enjoyed it! 

I loved the feeling this game gave me.

It's like all my unrealistic fears rolled up in one game lol.

theres a bug if u are crawling back after screwdriving and u collect a box u get stuck in the vent and cant crawl

I was felling so scared playing this game, that i played around the world to calm myself ;-;

Really interesting concept. Wish it had been a bit longer but I still liked it. 

What a neat little game! I was always looking behind to see if someone was chasing me, that anticipation grew and grew but what actually happened really got to me! Great Job! Here is my vid of it.

Creepy written all over this one. Always waiting for someone to get you or be there. Anticipation was the real horror here. Good stuff.

Amazing spook factor loved it!!


Really fun short horror game! Great job!

Creepy game, enjoyed it!

A completely normal day in a moving company.

Really enjoyed it, was nice and short while having good atmosphere good job.

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